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The Top Ten Government Promises That We Are Watching Closely

The Prime Minister’s mandate letters provided a welcome glimpse into what we can expect from this new government. While short on specifics, they do identify a number of areas that relate to our members. Here are our top ten that we will be paying particularly close attention to.

  Defined Benefit Pensions
Changes to existing defined benefit pensions should be done only on a going-forward basis – defined benefits, which have already been paid for by employees and pensioners, should not retroactively be changed into target benefit plans. 

  Income Splitting
Maintain income splitting for seniors and support our most needy seniors with an increased Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

  Health Accord
Engage provinces and territories in the development of a new multi-year Health Accord.  This accord should include a long term funding agreement.

  Home Care Services
Support the delivery of more and better home care services. This includes more access to high quality in-home caregivers, financial supports for family care, and, when necessary, palliative care.

  Prescription Medications
Improve access to and affordability of necessary prescription medications.

  Mental Health Services
Make high quality mental health services available to Canadians who need them – including a suicide prevention strategy for Canadian Armed Forces personnel, veterans and their families.

  Better Coordination between National Defence and Veterans Affairs
Ensure National Defence and Veterans Affairs work together to reduce complexity, overhaul service delivery and work as partners in delivering care and services to Forces personnel, veterans and families.

  Protecting and Enhancing Veterans’ Pensions and Benefits
Re-establish lifelong pensions as an option for our injured veterans, and increase the value of the disability award, while ensuring that every injured veteran has access to financial advice and support so that they can determine the form of compensation that works best for them and their families.

  Expand Access to Permanent Impairment Allowance
Expand access to the Permanent Impairment Allowance to better support veterans who have had their career options limited by a service-related illness or injury.

  Enhance the Canada Pension Plan
Work with provinces to enhance the Canada Pension Plan and make retirement more secure for all Canadians.


We look forward to circling back in about a year to rate the Government’s progress so far. Be sure to check back then!